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Updating Links of OLE-Objects

Update OLE-Links

CAD drafting Updating Links of OLE-Objects 0    Ribbon: Insert – Data > CAD software Updating Links of OLE-Objects 1 Update data links

CAD drawing Updating Links of OLE-Objects 2    Menu: Edit –CAD drafting Updating Links of OLE-Objects 3 OLE-links

CAD software Updating Links of OLE-Objects 4 Command line: OLELINKS

Update, change and cancel the selected linked OLE-object




Contains information about linked objects. The type of information depends on the type of the linked object. To change information about the linked object, select it in the list.


Displays the path to file containing the linked object and the type of this object.


Displays the name of application the linked object is created in.


Enables automatic update of the linked object in the current drawing in case of any modifications in the source application.


Enables the request to confirm the need to update links when opening a drawing containing linked objects.

Update now

Updates links selected in the list.

Open source

Opens the source file and marks its part linked with the current drawing.

Change source

Opens the dialog box for selecting files, using which you can specify other source files. If the linked object is a part of the source file (not the whole file is selected), then a line identifying the selected element will appear.

Break link

Breaks the link between the linked object and its source file. Further modifications of the source file do not influence on this object in the drawing.


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