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CAD drafting Smoothing 0    Ribbon: Raster – Filters > CAD software Smoothing 1 Smoothing

CAD drawing Smoothing 2    Menu: RasterFilters > CAD drafting Smoothing 3 Smoothing…

CAD software Smoothing 4 Command line: smoother (smoothing)

CAD drawing Smoothing 5   This functionality is available only in the Raster module.

The filter smooths outlines of raster objects, fills in edge and internal background speckles, and also partially removes raster “garbage”.

CAD drafting Smoothing 6

Fragment of the original image

CAD software Smoothing 7

After smoothing

Work of the Smoothing filter consists of two stages. At the first stage it works like the Median filter on a grayscale image, analyzes the neighborhood of a given radius of each pixel and replaces the brightness of the central pixel with the average brightness of the neighborhood. As a result, the outlines of the raster object are blurred. Increasing the Medianning value makes gray strips wider.

At the second stage, the filter converts to black those pixels whose brightness value is less than the value of the Threshold parameter. Wide black lines show the binarization boundaries. Pixels inside boundaries turn black, outer pixels turn white. Increasing the Threshold value makes the objects thicker, while decreasing makes them thinner.

CAD drawing Smoothing 8

First stage – blurring edges

CAD drafting Smoothing 9CAD software Smoothing 10CAD drawing Smoothing 11CAD drafting Smoothing 12CAD software Smoothing 13

Second stage - binarization


1.    Select images to be processed and run the CAD drawing Smoothing 14 Smoothing command.

2.    Set the Medianning – the degree of medianning in percent. This value determines the degree of blurring the outlines of raster objects.

3.    Set the Thresholdgray level from 0 to 255. This value determines the degree of cropping of blurred edges. Higher values increase the amount of smoothing, but the raster lines get thicker.

Use the preview window to select the optimal values of the parameters.

4.    Click OK.

CAD drafting Smoothing 15

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