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Drawing Regeneration

Sometimes, when you are working with a document after the command is finished, some visual elements stay on the drawing; for example, markers of characteristic points. To delete such visual elements, use forced regeneration (specified manually) or redrawing of a drawing.

Two commands in nanoCAD are used for it: Regen and Redraw (View menu).

Redrawing a drawing is faster than regeneration because all the drawing objects’ coordinates are recalculated (converting values with floating points from the drawing database to integer display coordinates) during regeneration.


CAD drafting Drawing Regeneration 0   Menu: View –CAD software Drawing Regeneration 1Regen

CAD drawing Drawing Regeneration 2   Status bar:CAD drafting Drawing Regeneration 3

CAD software Drawing Regeneration 4 Command line: RE, REA, REGEN, REGENALL

The Regen command is used for a forced update of a current drawing.

Command performs following actions:

·         Recomputes the locations and visibility for all objects

·         Recalculates tables

·         Updates automatically calculated attribute values.



CAD drawing Drawing Regeneration 5   Menu: View – Redraw

CAD drafting Drawing Regeneration 6 Command line: Redraw

The Redraw command is used for a forced update of a display.


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