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CAD drafting Boundary 0    Ribbon: Annotate - Hatch > CAD software Boundary 1 Boundary

CAD drawing Boundary 2    Menu: Draw –CAD drafting Boundary 3 Boundary…

CAD software Boundary 4    Toolbar: Draw – CAD drawing Boundary 5

CAD drafting Boundary 6 Command line: BO, BOUNDARY, BPOLY

This command creates a region bounded by a closed polyline (boundary). A boundary can be created from lines, polylines, circles, arcs, ellipses, elliptic arcs, and splines. A boundary can be created from a single closed object or from several intersecting or adjoining end points of the objects bounded by the closed region.

You can calculate area or create a hatch for boundaries.

After starting the command, the Boundary Creation dialog box opens:

CAD software Boundary 7

To create a region or boundary:


1.    From the Object type list select the Polyline or Region.

2.    To search for internal closed boundaries (islands), select the Islands detection checkbox.

3.    Click the CAD drawing Boundary 8 Pick Points icon.

4.    Specify a point on the drawing for each internal closed boundary from which you want to create a region or a polyline.

5.    Click OK.

To limit the number of objects included in boundary determination, you can create a new set of boundaries:

CAD drafting Boundary 9


1.    In the Boundary Set section, click the New icon.

2.    Select the objects on the drawing that define the boundary.

When you select the Current viewport option from the list, the current boundaries set is cancelled, and a new boundaries set is created of all objects within the boundaries of the current viewport.

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