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nanoCAD 24 is the base on which you can build a powerful CAD system to your industry-specific needs. Choose nanoCAD 23 with one or more modules.

nanoCADnanoCAD 24

nanoCAD 24 Platform is a professional-grade CAD platform fully compatible with the industry’s DWG standard. It offers the standard user interface with a wide set of tools for 2D/3D drafting that can be extended with modules specific to the needs of professionals in engineering, architecture, and construction.

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3D Solid Modeling

The 3D Modeling module extends the nanoCAD platform with direct editing and parametric modeling. The module also offers 3D constraints for mating parts into 3D assemblies and provides tools for sheet metal modeling.


The Mechanica module extends the nanoCAD platform with 2D and 3D mechanical design. Its parametric engine works with the included library of standard parts, and the many built-in calculators generate drawings quickly.


The Construction module extends the nanoCAD platform with drafting utilities suitable for parametric designs in architecture, engineering, and construction. Its IFC support and parametric libraries of standard parts help automate construction drawings.


The Raster module extends the nanoCAD platform with tools designed specifically for handling raster images, including very large ones. These tools import, correct, skew, convert, colorize, vectorize, and smart select raster images.


The Topoplan module extends the nanoCAD platform with digital terrain modeling. Surveyors can take advantage of tools that create and modify TINs, texture them with raster overlays, generate reliefs, and calculate volumes and areas.

nanoCAD FreenanoCAD Free

nanoCAD Free is the free version of nanoCAD that comes with a set of design tools for creating 2D engineering drawings and has no time limitations.

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