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Editing the Size of Rows and Columns

To adjust the height of a row or the width of a column, use the sliders located on the rulers (horizontal and vertical). Move the slider by clicking it and holding down the left mouse button whilst dragging it. While adjusting the height or width, their values are highlighted in color for easy monitoring.

CAD drafting Editing the Size of Rows and Columns 0   CAD software Editing the Size of Rows and Columns 1

Row height and column width may also be set in the property dialog box that can be opened by right-clicking the header of a row or column.


1.    In this dialog box, enter the desired width/height in millimetres.

CAD drawing Editing the Size of Rows and Columns 2

2.    In the Properties of column dialog box, the Hidden checkbox is available. Using it, you can hide the display of the selected column on the drawing. It can be displayed in the editor mode.

CAD drafting Editing the Size of Rows and Columns 3

It is also possible to hide a column using the column context menu.

CAD software Editing the Size of Rows and Columns 4

The Substitute zeros command (in numerical cells with a zero value, the cells should have a numerical format) replaces the cells contents with the set text.

note! The format of the cell text value is established in the cell properties on the Content tab.

Close the dialog box by clicking OK.

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