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Expand All Collapse All nanoCAD Platform 22 AutoCAD 2022 AutoCAD 2022 LT
Native DWG format
DWG versions supported R11 - 2018 R14 - 2018 R14 - 2018
BAK drawing backups, DWS drawing standards, .DWT drawing templates
Commands for creating and editing DWG files
Model space, paper space
Layer, block, linetype, etc managers
Create and edit styles for text, tables, leaders, etc
SHX, TTF fonts
Create and edit tables, extract data to tables and to files
Dynamic blocks
(view, edit only)
User-defined coordinate systems
Object snaps, object tracking, polar snap angles
Coordinate filters
External references
Place OLE objects in drawings
Import PDF and raster images
Explode and remove proxy objects
Ribbon and classic interfaces
Customize сommands, аliases, menus, toolbars, double-clicks, etc
Command autocompletion
Dynamic input
Custom command creation
System variable monitor
Undo, redo previews
Purging of unused items, such as block definitions, layers, etc
Auditing of drawing file integrity and error correction
Recovery of damaged drawing files
Flattening 3D geometry to projected 2D representations
Transmittal packages (eTransmit)
Comparison of similarities and differences of two drawings
Display drawing structure
Printing, publishing of drawing sets, batch plotting
Color dependent and named plot style table (CTB and STB)
Integrated PDF printer driver
Comments on SHX text in PDF files
Maintain DWG layering in PDF files
Draw and edit 3D mesh objects
Draw and edit 2D and 3D solid objects 1
Conversion of 2D objects to 3D objects 1
Dynamic UCS
Importing and exporting 3D model in STL, SAT, STP, IGES, JT, X_T, X_B, VRML, and other formats 1
3D constraints for mates, angles, tangents, symmetry 1
Work planes, construction planes, axes
Parametric 2D design 1
Parametric 3D design 1
3D history
Import IFC
Point cloud imports of LAS, BIN, PTX, PTS, PCD, XYZ files
Point cloud exports in LAS 1.2, LAS 1.4, BIN, XYZ formats
Point cloud display styles, point sizing
Point cloud cropping
Point clouds sectioning
Insert mapping from online services, such as OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, etc
Create and edit terrain areas 2
Create reliefs, situation 2
Import TXT, XYZ, LandXML, MIF, SHP 2
Display Civil objects 2
Operations with raster images (JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, etc)
Convert drawing objets into raster images
Raster clean-up with draw, erase
Raster four-point calibration
Save a raster image in drawing to file
Raster geometry correction, colour correction 3
Raster operations, such as binarisation, colour reduction, debris removal 3
Decrease color depth of color images to monochrome 3
Semi- and fully-automatic digitization of raster images 3
Drawing tools specific to AEC design, such as axes, elevation markers, etc 4
Architectural design, such as parametric walls, windows, and doors 4
Utilities for automated drawing, such as object numbering, detail copy, line markers, etc 4
Drawing tools specific to mechanica design, such as weld seams, threads, etc 5
Calculators for static beams, fasteners, section properties, etc 5
Parts library 5
OLE Automation with Visual Basic Script, Javascript
LISP (with DCL)
Script editor (JS, VBS, LISP, DCL, SCR)
Operating system (Microsoft® Windows®) 8, 10, 11 8, 10 8, 10
Minimium memory 4 GB 8 GB 8 GB
Minimium display card memory 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB
Minimium disk space 7 GB 7 GB 7 GB
Workstation licensing
Network licensing
License borrowing
Educational licensing
Perpetual licenses (nanoCAD 3-year subscription includes perpetual license registration)

1.Function available in 3D Solid Modeling module
2.Function available in Topoplan module
3.Function available in Raster module
4.Function available in Construction module
5.Function available in Mechanica module

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