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Change Elevation

Changing Elevation

CAD drafting Change Elevation 0   Ribbon: TopoplanModify TIN > CAD software Change Elevation 1 Change Elevation

CAD drawing Change Elevation 2   Menu: GroundEditing TIN > CAD drafting Change Elevation 3 Change Elevation

CAD software Change Elevation 4   Toolbar: Editing TIN > CAD drawing Change Elevation 5 Change Elevation

CAD drafting Change Elevation 6 Command line: NG_MESH_VERTEX_MOVE_H

The command changes elevation (Z coordinate) of a node of an existing surface (Submesh or Polyface mesh) and rebuilds triangulation.

To change elevation:


1.    Run the command.

2.    In response to the prompt in the command line:

Select vertex to change elevation

select a vertex. When you hover the cursor over the mesh node, it is highlighted in red.

3.    After specifying the node, the prompt follows:

Elevation of this vertex is 200.36. Specify new elevation.

where 200.36 value is the node elevation. You need to enter a new elevation in the drawing units and press Enter.

The surface vertex whose elevation should be changed

Surface after changing the vertex elevation

CAD software Change Elevation 7

CAD drawing Change Elevation 8

4.    Elevations of several vertices can be changed in succession. Pressing ESC button ends the command.


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