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The most popular questions

Installation and registration

To get detailed instructions on how to install and register nanoCAD products, please download our Installation and Registration Guide at the nanoCAD Download page.

Licensing and Subscriptions

We provide subscriptions that run for either one year or three years. During the duration of the subscription, you receive free technical support and free upgrades.

With the one-year subscription, you can use nanoCAD for one year, as well as receive, at no charge, all upgrades released during the year. After the year ends, the software stops working; to continue using nanoCAD, renew the license.

The three-year subscription includes a perpetual license. You can use it forever. Technical support and upgrades to new versions are free during those three years, after which you can purchase a one- or three-year subscription to receive ongoing updates and technical support.
Workstation subscriptions run nanoCAD on a single computer only. The license cannot be transferred to another computer.

Network subscription can be used to run nanoCAD on any computer connected to the local network, once the license server software (supplied) is installed. Licenses can be temporarily transferred to computers disconnected from the network, such as for working from home or going on business trips. For more information, please download our Installation and Registration Guide at the nanoCAD Download page.
No. The workstation license cannot be moved between computers. If your computer breaks down, or if you have purchased a new one, then please send an email to with the software serial number and a description of the issue. We will activate the license for your new computer.
Follow these steps:

  1. Download the license server software from our web site at the nanoCAD Download page.
  2. Run LicServSetup.exe.
  3. Request a license, after which you will be prompted to install a License Server. Complete the installation by following the prompts (standard settings can not be changed).
  4. Install nanoCAD on workstation computers.
  5. Connect nanoCAD to the license server by running the Registration Wizard utility (external to nanoCAD), or else by starting nanoCAD and then choosing the “Register Now” option.
  6. Enter the name of your server prefixed by the @ symbol, such as @Server1.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each workstation on which nanoCAD is installed.
Please contact nanoCAD technical support through e-mail at We will make the change for you.
The permanent license of nanoCAD lets you run the software in perpetuity. To obtain a permanent license, purchase a three-year subscription, which includes the permanent license and three years of free updates and technical support.
This depends on the length of subscription you licensed:

  • One-year subscription - the program stops working at the end of the subscription period.
  • Three-year subscription - the program continues to keep working after the three-year subscription ends.

In either case, you need to renew your subscription to continue receiving updates, and, in the case of one-year subscriptions, to keep using the software.
The three-year subscription includes three years of upgrades and technical support. If you wish to upgrade nanoCAD products to a new release once the subscription period ends, you should purchase another subscription, either for one year or for three.
Only new licenses can be requested through the Registration Wizard or the License Server (depending on the type of license purchased) to tie the computer to the license.
Once your subscription expires, please go to and purchase a new license. You will be issued a new license serial number.
If it is a trial license that has expired, you will need to purchase a subscription to continue using the product. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the desired product and subscription type.
  3. After making the purchase, you will be issued a serial number for the new license.
  4. Run the Registration Wizard or the License Server, depending on what type of license you purchased.

You can find full information on all your licenses in your Personal account.

How do I upgrade to the latest version of nanoCAD?

Until nanoCAD 21, we offered stand-alone products of nanoCAD Plus, nanoCAD Pro, nanoCAD Construction, and nanoCAD Mechanica.

As of version 21, nanoCAD consists of the core platform CAD program and a series of add-on modules. These offer additional functions that expand the program’s capabilities through the 3D Solid Modeling, Construction, Mechanica, Raster, and Topoplan modules.

To upgrade from older version of nanoCAD to version 21 or newer, follow this table that matches to nanoCAD 20 products to nanoCAD 22 modules:

 nanoCAD 20       nanoCAD 22
 nanoCAD Plus      nanoCAD 22 Platform 
 nanoCAD Pro      nanoCAD 22 Platform + 3D Solid Modeling module
 nanoCAD Construction          nanoCAD 22 Platform + Construction module
 nanoCAD Mechanica      nanoCAD 22 Platform + Mechanica + 3D Solid Modeling modules
     -      nanoCAD 22 Platform + Raster module
     -      nanoCAD 22 Platform + Topoplan module

If you have a valid license of nanoCAD Plus 20 or nanoCAD Pro 20 (or of older versions) and would like to upgrade to the latest version of nanoCAD, install nanoCAD 22, without any modules.
If you have a valid license of nanoCAD Mechanica, make the Construction module unavailable during installation.
If you have a valid license of nanoCAD Construction, make the Mechanica module unavailable during installation.
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