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Audit Geometry

Auditing Geometry

CAD drafting Audit Geometry 0   nanoCAD button – Utilities >CAD software Audit Geometry 1 Audit Geometry

CAD drawing Audit Geometry 2    Manu: File – Drawing Utilities > CAD drafting Audit Geometry 3 Audit Geometry

CAD software Audit Geometry 4    Context menu of document tab: Drawing Utilities > CAD drawing Audit Geometry 5 Audit Geometry

CAD drafting Audit Geometry 6 Command line: AUDITGEOMETRY

The command is intended to identify and fix problematic drawing objects located outside the range 1e+20 along Z axis.

The command ensures correction of Z-coordinates for objects located on frozen, locked and disabled layers.

The first opening of a file is accompanied by an automatic check of objects geometry. When geometry errors are found, a dialog is displayed with a message and a choice of action



 - immediately run the Audit Geometry command to fix errors.


 - open the file without correcting errors.

If errors are not fixed, when files are opened again (after re-saving), the geometry audit is started by the command manually.

note: Hatch audit is not performed in an automatic mode. To find and fix problematic hatches, it is necessary  to run the audit manually.

Audit modes:

Audit Z_coordinates

Auditing Z-coordinates of all objects in a drawing.


Auditing the correct display of hatches within the boundaries of contours.

Audit Z coordinates

Audit options:


Fixes the errors found.


Fixes errors and generate report on found and fixed errors.


Does not fix errors.


Creates a report on detected errors without fixing them.

Detected and fixed errors are reported in the Geometry audit log dialog

CAD software Audit Geometry 7

By clicking the Log dialog button, you can save the log information to a separate file. By default, the Log file is saved in a drawing folder and assigned with the drawing file name with *.log extension.

When saving reports of consecutive audits of Z coordinates and hatches for one drawing, 2 log files will be created:

·         first - File name.log;

·         second with adding the index  - File name_1.log.

Command prompts:

Select audit type [audit_Z_coordinates/Audit_hatches]

Select Audit_Z_coordinates mode.

Do you want to fix errors? [Yes(fix_errors)/Yes(fix_and_log_erros)/No/No(only_log_erros)]

Select the required audit option.

Audit Hatches

Select audit type [audit_Z_coordinates/audit_Hatches/]

Select Audit_hatches mode.

Audit logs are displayed in the command line.

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