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Classification Mesh

CAD drafting Classification Mesh 0   Ribbon: TopoplanModify TIN > CAD software Classification Mesh 1 Classification Mesh

CAD drawing Classification Mesh 2   Menu: GroundEditing TIN > CAD drafting Classification Mesh 3 Classification Mesh

CAD software Classification Mesh 4   Toolbar: Editing TIN > CAD drawing Classification Mesh 5 Classification Mesh

CAD drafting Classification Mesh 6 Command line: NG_MESH_CLS

The command is used to divide the mesh into classes: for example, if you want to separate the road surface from the lawn. For classification, in the drawing it is necessary to create polylines (necessarily closed), along which the mesh will be cut. After the mesh is classified, the resulting areas can be decomposed into layers to control the display (you can adjust the visibility, color, transparency, etc.)


The command options are set on the Properties toolbar.


Project profile on

Determines how the polyline cutting the mesh will be projected on it:

WCS – on XY plane of the world coordinate system.

UCS – on XY plane of the user coordinate system (if available in the drawing).

Viewport – on the viewport plane.

Save result as

The option influences on objects to be created in the process of performing the command: a Submesh or Polyfacemesh can be created.


Command prompts:

Apply changes <Yes> or [Yes/No]:

Yes – a triangle with the specified edge length will be deleted with the current settings.

No – if settings have been changed, they are not saved. A triangle with the specified edge length will be deleted with the settings that were displayed immediately after running the command.


Mesh before classification

Mesh after classification

CAD software Classification Mesh 7

CAD drawing Classification Mesh 8

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