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Distant Light

CAD drafting Distant Light 0    Ribbon: View – Render – Create Light > CAD software Distant Light 1 Distant

CAD drawing Distant Light 2    Menu: View – Render – Light > CAD drafting Distant Light 3 New distant light

CAD software Distant Light 4    Toolbar: Lights – CAD drawing Distant Light 5

CAD drafting Distant Light 6 Command line: DISTANTLIGHT


Creates the distant light source simulating light from the sun or other far objects.

This source has no visual display in the work space, therefore it is convenient to select it from the Drawing Manager functional panel, with further editing of properties on the Properties panel.


Command prompts:

Set the light direction FROM:

Define the first point for setting direction of the light flux.

Set the light direction TO:

Define the second point for setting direction in which the light flux will go.

Enter the name of the modified mode or [Name/Intensity/Status/Photometry/Color/Exit]:

Define the command options, if necessary, otherwise just press Enter.


Command options:


Name of the light source.


Brightness of the light: from 0 to the maximum value supported. By default, is equal to 1.


Status of the light source: turned on/off. The disabled light source stops lighting.


Photometry is the measurement of the luminous intensities of visible light sources.

·         Intensity of light in photometry is the measurement of perceived power emitted by a light source in a particular direction.

·         Flux – perceived power.

·         Illuminance – the general light flux per surface per area unit.

·         Color – color of light given by this source

·         Color name – lamp color name from the list of standard colors.

·         ? – displays the list of color names.

·         Kelvin – Kelvin color temperature value (min:1000 - max:20000).

The option is available only if values 1 or 2 are set for the LIGHTINGUNITS system variable.


Color of light given by this source.

·         R,G,B – colors in accordance with RGB color model.

·         Color index – nanoCAD color index.

·         H,S,L – colors according to HSL color model.


Exits the command.


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