Multiline Styles

Multiline Styles

Multiline Styles

MouseOK    Ribbon: Draw – Draw >  MultiLine Style

MouseOK    Menu: Format –  Mline Styles

KeyboardOK Command line: MLSTYLE

In Multiline Styles dialog you can create, edit, save and load styles.

Multiline style defines number of elements and their properties. To create multiline style you should create items and define their properties.

In the bottom part of the dialog there are preview area and buttons to zoom in and zoom out. Also, you can use mouse wheel to zoom:

 Zoom in;

 Zoom out;

 Zoom 1:1.



List of available styles loaded to the document.


Set current style.


Name of multiline style.


Text description.



Create new multiline style based on selected.


Remove selected style from the current document.


Show multiline style editor dialog.


Load multiline styles from file to the current document.


Save selected styles to *.mln file.

To create multiline style:

Multiline syle contains these parameters:

·         number of elements and their position;

·         offset from center line for each element;

·         linetype and color for each element;

·         joints for each multiline vertex;

·         type of used end caps;

·         color for multiline filling.

Elements with positive offsets are plased on the one side from center line, elements with negative offsets - on the other side.


1.    Start Mline Styles command.

2.    In Multiline Styles select desired style and click button  New. New style with default name MlineSyleN, where N – ordinal number starting from 1. will appear. All settings will be based on selected style.

3.    Click button  Edit to start editing created style.

4.    Set desired parameters and click OK.



Text description.


The type of end caps.



Set the type of end caps for start and end of the multiline.


Displays a line segment across each end of the multiline.

Outer Arc

Displays an arc between the outermost elements of the multiline.

Inner Arc

Displays an arc between pairs of inner elements. If there's an odd number of elements, the center line is unconnected. For example, if there are six elements, inner arcs connect elements 2 and 5 and elements 3 and 4. If there are seven elements, inner arcs connect elements 2 and 6 and elements 3 and 5. Element 4 is left unconnected.


Specifies the angle of the end caps.


Controls the background fill of the multiline


Fill with Color

Sets the background fill color of the multiline. When you choose Select Color, the Select Color dialog box is displayed.



Controls the display of the joints at the vertices of each multiline segment.


Sets element properties, such as the offset, color, and linetype, of new and existing multiline elements.



Specify offset from the middle of the multiline. Elements are displayed in descending order of their offsets.



Specify color.



Specify linetype for element.

Add Item

Add new element.

Delete Item

Remove selected element.

Save Multiline Styles

Multiline Styles can be saved to *.mln file.


1.    In the Multiline Styles dialog click  Save button.

2.    In Save Multiline Styles dialog select styles. Click OK.

3.    Specify the file name and path.

Load Multiline Styles


1.    In the Multiline Styles dialog click  Load button.

2.    Specify the file name and path.

3.    In Load multiline style dialog select styles to load in the current document. Click OK.


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