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CAD drawing Text 8 Command line: TEXT, DTEXT

The command allows you to create one or more lines of text. Each text line is an independent object.

To create multiple lines of text, after each line is inputted press ENTER to move the cursor to the next line. You can also start a new line, by specifying it with the cursor on the screen.

To input «degree», «plus/minus», «diameter», you can use the special symbols: %%d, %%p and %%c.

Press ESC to cancel the command and remove the typed text.

To finish text input, press two times ENTER key or the key combination CTRL+ENTER.

By default, when you input text, the text style that is set as current in the Text Style dialog box is used.

If necessary, you can change the text style in the command line immediately after the start of the command.



Type the name of the text style in the command line.


Selects the mode of text justification.


The display of all available text styles in the command line.

The following prompts are displayed:

Input origin of text or [Justify/Style]:

Select the Align option.

Select justify mode[lEft/Align/Fit/Center/Middle/rIght/TL/TC/TR/ML/MC/MR/BL/BC/BR] <lEft>:

Select text align mode.

Input origin of text or [Justify/Style]:

Select Style option.

Type the text style or <Standard>:

Type the name of the text style or ? symbol to show the names of all available text styles in the command line.

Input origin of text or [Justify/Style]:

Input the origin of the text on the drawing.

Specify text height <250.0000>:

Type in the command line or set by cursor on the screen the text height.

Specify rotation of text <0>:

Type in the command line or set by cursor on the screen the rotation of the text.

Type the text. Finish input with <Ctrl>+<Enter> or cancel it with <Esc>...:

Type the text. Press CTRL+ENTER to finish input and end the command.

When prompted to enter text, the context menu with text editing commands becomes available. This menu is described below in the Editing singleline text chapter.


CAD drafting Text 9

Rotation mode for rotated text when creating and editing

Rotation variant is set by the option – Rotate text in edit mode in Texts Settings section of Options dialog box (menu Tools – Options).

CAD software Text 10

When the option is enabled in the mode of creating rotated text, only text object is rotated (text line becomes horizontal):

CAD drawing Text 11  CAD drafting Text 12

When the option is disabled – the whole drawing is rotated.

Example of rotated text creation with disabled option:

Option Rotate text in edit mode is disabled.


To create rotated text:


1.    Input the origin of the text.

2.    Specify the text height.

3.    Specify the rotation of the text:

CAD software Text 13

4.    After specifying the rotation, the text line remains horizontal for convenience during input. The objects on the drawing will be rotated by the specified angle, but in the opposite direction:

CAD drawing Text 14

5.    Type the text:

CAD drafting Text 15

6.    Finish input with CTRL + ENTER. The image on the screen returns to its normal view:

CAD software Text 16

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