Linear aligned note

Linear aligned note

Linear aligned note

MouseOK    Ribbon: Home, Annotate – Leaders >  Linear Aligned note

MouseOK    Menu: Draw – Notes >  Linear aligned note…

MouseOK    Toolbar: Utilities –

KeyboardOK Command line: LINM

This command opens the Linear aligned note dialog box to set the note options:


Use the icons to select the text alignment method:

By left edge.

By centre.

By right edge.

Other icons:

The Insert special symbol icon opens the panel with the table of special symbols, to select and insert them at the current cursor position in the text input field.

The Notepad icon opens the Notepad dialog box.

The Match properties icon temporarily closes the dialog box to specify the inserted leader whose properties should be copied and applied to the newly-created leader.

The Select line icon is used to override the insertion place of the extension line. The icon is available when you edit the marks of linear constructions inserted into the drawing.

The Auto repeat icon allows you to mark several linear constructions without a repeated command call. For each new leader, the Linear constructions marking dialog box will open to set new options for the leader, for example, new text.

The Multiple insert icon allows you to mark several linear constructions without a repeated command call. All leaders are drawn with same options and with the same text.

Right-click in the text field and choose the required menu item:

The History item contains a list of recently input text lines.

The Recent item is a list specified by the user.

The Pick from drawing item opens the Value picker toolbar which allows you to copy values from the objects on the drawing:

To create a linear aligned note:


1.    Type the required text into the text fields.

2.    Select the required note options.

3.    Click OK.

4.    Select line of construction, on which the mark will be located.

5.    Specify the text position.

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