Exploding a cloud into points

Exploding a cloud into points

Exploding a cloud into points

MouseOK   Ribbon: TopoplanCreate TIN >  Splitting the cloud into points

MouseOK   Menu: GroundCreating TIN >  Exploding the cloud into points

MouseOK   Toolbar: Creating TIN >  Exploding the Cloud

KeyboardOK Command line: NG_EXPLODE_POINTCLOUD


The command allows you to create Points or Geopoints objects based on the cloud points for further creation of TIN surface by them. Objects to be created after the command is performed are selected in the Result type field of the Properties toolbar.

The command options are set in the Properties toolbar.


Delete source

If Yes is selected – the source point cloud will be deleted after the split is completed. No – the source point cloud remains in the drawing.

Use class

If the cloud has been previously classified, it is possible to get only points of the specified class after splitting.


Command prompts:

Apply changes? <Yes> or [Yes/No]:

Yes – split into points will be made with the current settings.

No – if the settings have been changed, they are not saved. Split into points will be made with the settings displayed immediately after starting the command.


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