Exporting user inetrface settings

Exporting user inetrface settings

Exporting user interface settings

KeyboardOK Command line: UIEXPORT

The command allows you to save interface settings into a special package (ZIP file), which can be used to save and transfer settings.

It is saved as structure of interface elements (ribbon, toolbars, etc.), customized in the Customize user interface dialogue box, and the display and arrangement of interface elements (position of toolbars, palettes, command line, visual style of interface, way of displaying the ribbon, size and position of the program window).

After configuring the interface, run the command and in the dialogue box specify a place to save the package.

The file package includes the file saveduistate.cfg, containing interface elements position settings on the screen. This file can also be created using the SAVEUISTATE command. If necessary, you can replace this file in the package.

If necessary, you can also edit the LSP file describing UIIMPORT and UIEXPORT commands, and edit the list of file formats included in the exported package of settings.

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