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Proxy Objects

Proxy Objects

DWG-files can contain foreign objects created in other applications. Definitions of such objects are understandable for nanoCAD system only in case of downloading the files of parent applications adapters (usually files with .nrx extension). All unidentified objects are called proxy objects (they can both have a graphic representation or not have it). Such objects cannot be edited, sometimes they cannot be broken by EXPLODE command, they have no grips. Graphics of a proxy object can differ from the real object’s graphics displayed when the adapter is downloaded. Values of system variables PROXYGRAPHICS and PROXYSHOW make an additional impact on the procedure for displaying proxy objects.

The Samples folder includes the file nCAD and proxy-objects.dwg, which contains objects created by other applications (AutoCAD Architecture and nanoCAD SPDS). If no adapters are downloaded, all these objects are classified by nanoCAD system as proxy objects.

If you download adapters with necessary definition in nanoCAD, then proxy objects are converted into primitives and non-graphic objects you can perform actions with.

There are possible cases, when proxy objects (all or some) interfere with a normal work with a drawing. In such case they can be either deleted or broken into known primitives (segments, texts, etc.).

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