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Polar Tracking Mode

CAD drafting Polar Tracking Mode 0   Menu: Tools – CAD software Polar Tracking Mode 1 Drafting settings… > Polar tracking tab

CAD drawing Polar Tracking Mode 2   Status bar: the CAD drafting Polar Tracking Mode 3 button

CAD software Polar Tracking Mode 4 Hotkeys: F10

CAD drawing Polar Tracking Mode 5 Command line: DDRMODES, DSETTINGS, SE

Polar tracking mode helps to specify a point, set at a specified distance and angle from the last selected point. The dotted tracking line with a tooltip shows the distance from the last specified point and current angle value.

CAD drafting Polar Tracking Mode 6

Using polar tracking mode, you can create geometric creations with any specified interval. For example, if an angle of 30 was selected, tracking lines will be displayed when the direction from this point to the cursor’s pick box is a multiple 30° (e.g. 60°, 90°, 120° and so on).

Specify the increment of the polar angle in the Polar tracking tab of the Drafting Setting dialog box or from the context menu of the POLAR button.

CAD software Polar Tracking Mode 7


Polar tracking on (F10)

Switches polar tracking mode on/off.

Polar Angle Settings

Increment angle:

Specifies the increment angles used for polar tracking lines.

Additional angles

Switches on/off the mode for specifying any additional angles (which do not depend on the increment angle)

Object Snap Tracking Settings

Track orthogonal only

In OSNAP mode tracking lines are only drawn horizontally and vertically.

Track using all polar angle settings

Switches on the mode for applying the parameters of polar tracking to object tracking. In this mode the cursor is moved from the point of object snap using aligning angles.

Do not track Polar

Switches off the polar angles tracking mode.

To specify additional angles:


1.    Enter an angle value,

2.    Select the Add button.

To delete an additional angle:


1.    Select the angle in the section,

2.    Select the Delete button.

The context menu of the POLAR button contains the available increment angles:

CAD drawing Polar Tracking Mode 8


Set custom angle

Specifies a new angle of polar snap direction in the command line.


Switches the polar angles tracking mode on/off.

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