About Us

The Company

Since foundation in 2008 Nanosoft group of companies offered innovative software distribution and development. We created nanoCAD to fight piracy in the global CAD software market.

We build cost-effective CAD solutions to provide a seamless flow from unlicensed CAD tools to legitimate software. Furthermore, we are focused on developing innovative, quality products that meet global challenges and make our customers’ lives better. Making them, at the same time, affordable and easy to use.

Key advantages of our products:

  • Suited for wide range of industries
  • Cost-effective use and implementation
  • Compatible with popular CAD formats
  • Perfect for people with experience in legacy CAD systems
  • Constantly developing and expanding to meet market needs
  • No special requirements for hardware
  • All Nanosoft software is developed based on the end user needs

To keep our products up-to-date and meet the demands of our customers, we offer direct support along with training and consulting services. Our software subscription service includes updates and online priority technical support.

Although we are confident that we are making something useful due to the constantly increasing number of users and a large percentage of return customers, your questions and feedback are always welcome.

Please contact us at support@nanocad.com, and we will reply as soon as possible.

The Team

Nanosoft group of companies is a community of CAD professionals dedicated to success. Our team consists of passionate experts, with many years of experience in the CAD software industry. Many current Nanosoft team members have been involved in the development of CAD software for years and have participated in numerous successful international projects.

We are a dynamically growing company and intend to develop and diversify our partner network, ensure the presence of our company's products around the world, contribute to job creation and compliance with international standards.

We treat everyone with encouragement and respect and do not tolerate discrimination. Our team consists of talented, creative, versatile people of different ages, social statuses and backgrounds.

The company, as part of a global community, supports its employees by creating conditions, providing all the resources and opportunities to ensure guidance by fellowship and equal employment opportunities.

Our Vision and Mission

The importance of IT in today’s world can hardly be overstated. Industrial enterprises and engineers are perhaps the most enthusiastic consumers of IT, as the nature of their routine operations has always been sophisticated and complicated. CAD systems are mission-critical applications for them.

Nanosoft group of companies overturns the conventional logic of the CAD developer. Our aim was, and still is, to protect corporate CAD users from legal risks by offering them a reliable, cost-effective and 100% legal alternative: nanoCAD.

Our team believes that professional software can be affordable. Therefore, we strive to ensure that our clients can get advanced technologies and services at the lowest cost. More than 3 million users of nanoCAD is a valid proof that we are on the right track.

We strive to contribute to the development of future professionals by supporting the educational community and providing students and teachers of educational institutions our software products absolutely free.

An important element of our philosophy rolls around the idea that any developer can easily port and adapt their own applications to nanoCAD. That's why we provide nanoCAD APIs for free and support the developer community.

Our mission is to create a great product that takes care of our customers and thereby confirms the reputation of the nanoCAD brand, which personifies quality and customer service.

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