Block Attribute Manager

Block Attribute Manager

Block Attribute Manager

If a block contains a large number of attributes, it is convenient to use the possibility of quick editing of attributes directly in the drawing.

MouseOK    Ribbon: Home, Insert – Block >  Block Attribute Manager

MouseOK    Menu: Edit – Object > Attributes >  Block Attribute Manager

KeyboardOK Command line: BATTMAN

The Manager will be launched only in case if at least one block with attributes is available in the drawing.

The Manager displays the following information:

Block: - name of the block whose attributes are being edited;

The Select block button allows you to select on the screen the block for editing attributes. The dialog box temporary closes.


The Apply button is used to review the changes made without closing the Enhanced Attribute Editor dialog box

Attribute tab

The tab contains the list of all attributes of the selected block and displays the following parameters for each attribute: Tag, Prompt and Value.

Text options tab

The tab sets the options for display of the attribute text in the drawing.


Text style

Drop-down list to select the text style.


Drop-down list to select the type how the attribute text is justified.


Field to enter the text height.


Field to enter the rotation angle of the text.


Turns on/off the mode of displaying the attribute text from right to left. The option is not available for multiple-line attributes.

Upside down

Turns on/off the mode of displaying the attribute text upside down. The option is not available for multiple-line attributes.

Width factor

Specifies the degree of condensing/expanding the attribute text. Setting the value less than 1 condenses the text. Setting the value greater than 1 expands it.

Oblique angle

Angle of the text slant. Is measured relative to the vertical axis. The option is not available for multiple-line attributes.

Boundary width

Specifies the maximum value of lines length for a multiple-line attribute; when it is exceeded, the text is automatically wrapped to the next line.

A value of 0 means there is no restriction on the length of a line.

The option is not available for single-line attributes.

Properties tab

The tab defines the Layer that the attribute is on, specifies the Lineweight and Linetype, as well as Color for the attribute text.

When named plot styles are use in the drawing, the style of the attribute is selected from the list of the Plot style option. If the current drawing uses color-dependent plot styles, the Plot style list is not available.

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