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Saving a Document

Documents can be saved in the *.dwg drawing format, in the *.dxf graphic data exchange format and in the *.dwt template format. Save, Save As and WBLOCK commands are used.

The use of file formats when saving documents using the Save and Save as commands is selected and configured in the Save documents section of the Options dialog (menu Manage > Options):

CAD drafting Saving a Document 0


Saving of an existing document

CAD software Saving a Document 1   nanoCAD button – CAD drawing Saving a Document 2 Save

CAD drafting Saving a Document 3   Menu: File – CAD software Saving a Document 4 Save

CAD drawing Saving a Document 5   Toolbar: Main – CAD drafting Saving a Document 6

CAD software Saving a Document 7 Hotkeys: CTRL+S

CAD drawing Saving a Document 8 Command line: SAVE, BS, SAVEDOCUMENT

The command saves a document with its name.

Saving a new document

The Save command opens the Save Document File dialog box, where you can specify a path for a document and change the default file name:

CAD drafting Saving a Document 9

Note: Navigation pane in nanoCAD list displays only those folders that are specified in Common files location section of the Options dialog:

 CAD software Saving a Document 10

To save a document:


1.    Specify the path to the file in the Folder drop-down list;

2.    Type the name in the File name field;

3.    Select the format in the File type field;

4.    Select the Save button.

Saving the file will be done without specifying the path and file name in the future.

note: Format, specified in the File type field, is also used as default to save all documents with Save, Save As and WBLOCK commands.

To save all open drawings, you can use the Save All command (SA, SAVEALL). If the drawing is not named, you will be prompted for a file name when you run the command.

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