Point Cloud Info

Point Cloud Info


Get info about selected point cloud or specific point. Properties toolbar shows some info.

Point Cloud Info

MouseOK    Ribbon: Point Clouds – Calculations and Info >  Point Cloud Info

MouseOK    Menu: Point Clouds – Calculations and Info >  About Cloud

MouseOK    Toolbar: Point Clouds >  Point Cloud Info

MouseOK    Properties toolbar – MiscPoint cloud info >  button

KeyboardOK Command line: NPC_INFO

Displays statistic information about point cloud and excludes/includes certain point cloud attributes.

Tree Statistics

Displays cloud structures information.

Statistics displays the number of points, nodes and levels, their maximum and designation.

Tree levels displays the distribution of nodes (vertical axis) in tree levels of structured cloud (horizontal axis). Use sliders to trim points of certain hierarchical structures.

Tree nodes displays the distribution of nodes in tree points of point cloud.

An example of point cloud with different levels:





Meta Data Statistics

Displays existing attributes of imported point cloud. Marked by flags.

Remove flags to unload attributes from the cloud. All info on these attributes unloads from the current document. After attribute unloading all operations with these attributes are not available.

NOTE: Attributes unloaded only from the current document. External file with point cloud is unchanged.

Tick flags to create new attributes. Note: new attributes do not contain any values. For example: Unload Intensity attribute, then load it. Previous values will not be restored.

Meta data statistics displays also point cloud distribution by intensity, class and echo number. Diagram not displayed if the attribute is not exists.

If originally the cloud did not have Class attribute, enabling the create layer box will automatically create a new layer with the name Created, not classified (code 0) and assign class all cloud points

This tab also displays diagrams of the cloud points distribution by such attributes as intensity, class and echo number. If the attribute is absent, the diagram is not displayed.


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