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Setting Clip

Setting Clip

CAD drafting Setting Clip 0   Ribbon: Insert – Reference – Clip > CAD software Setting Clip 1 Object clip

CAD drawing Setting Clip 2 Command line: CLIP

The general command for setting a clip allows you to select any of the below objects to overlay the display area:

·         block reference or external reference;

·         viewport;

·         raster image;

·         underlay.


Inverting the display of clip data

For quick display of the data contained outside the clipping, use an arrow grip CAD drafting Setting Clip 3. The grip is located in the middle of the first edge of the clip contour.

The original image of the xref.

CAD software Setting Clip 4

The selected display border is highlighted with grips.

CAD drawing Setting Clip 5

Clicking the arrow grip turns off visibility of the clipping data and turns on visibility of the hidden parts of the clipped reference.

CAD drafting Setting Clip 6

The repeated click on the arrow returns the display of the clipped fragment.

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