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Insert OLE-Object

Insert OLE-Object

CAD drafting Insert OLE-Object 0    Ribbon: Insert – Data > CAD software Insert OLE-Object 1 Insert OLE-object

CAD drawing Insert OLE-Object 2    Menu: Insert –CAD drafting Insert OLE-Object 3OLE-object

CAD software Insert OLE-Object 4 Command line: INSERTOBJ


The command allows you to insert linked or embedded OLE-objects into the drawing

NOTE: Linked data inserted into a drawing field from another document can be updated in accordance with their changes in the source document. Embedded data cannot be updated in a drawing field in case they are changed in the source document.


The Insert Object dialog box will open.


Create new

Runs the application selected in the Object type list to create a new object for insertion.

Object type

A list of applications that support OLE technology. To create an embedded object, double-click the appropriate application in the list.

In the application that opens, the Save item from the Main menu is replaced by Update. When this item is selected, the object is inserted into the drawing or updated.

In addition

Create from file

Selects the linked or embedded file.


Specifies the name (including the path) of embedded or linked file.


Opens the standard file selection window, in which select the file to be embedded or linked.


Linking (not embedding) the specified file.

As an icon

Displays the source application icon in the drawing. The embedded/linked information is open after double-click by the left mouse button on the icon.


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