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Exploding Proxy Objects

CAD drafting Exploding Proxy Objects 0    Ribbon: Draw – Explode/erase > CAD software Exploding Proxy Objects 1 Explode proxy

CAD drawing Exploding Proxy Objects 2    Menu: Modify – Advanced tools > CAD drafting Exploding Proxy Objects 3 Exploding proxies

CAD software Exploding Proxy Objects 4 Command line: XPROXY

The command is intended for breaking proxy objects having graphical representation into ordinary objects. Pre-selection of objects is acceptable. If there are no selected objects, the command makes a query:

Select objects or [?/Drawing]:

In response to the query it is possible to select objects or specify an option. The Drawing option is intended to select all proxy objects with graphics in a drawing, including objects on other drawing tabs, which cannot be selected in another way. Upon specifying this option, the system will perform the explode and report on the results, for example:

Proxies exploded: 348

New objects created: 5629

Option ? makes a query to change the method for selecting objects, similar to SELECT command query.

If objects that are not proxy objects get in the set of objects selected for XPROXY command, they will be ignored.

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