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Create custom and edit existing menus using context menu of element.

All menus used in the program are presented in the tree list.

The commands to create and edit menus are called from the context menu. Composition of the context menu commands depends on the selected tree object.

Create Custom Menu


1.     To open the Create menu context menu, select the top line of the Main menu tree (or right click in the list window). If you select a certain menu and use the Insert menu context menu command, a new menu will be located directly before the selected one.

2.    Fill fields in a Create menu dialog:


Element identifier in the program.

Display name

Displayed name on the screen.

3.    Press OK.

CAD drafting Main Menu 0

New menu appears in the end of the list of elements. Move them using drag and drop.

Create elements of menu


1.    Select the desired menu in the list of menus.

2.    Select one of the items:

·         Add menu item

·         Add submenu

·         Add separator


Add submenu


1.    Select Add submenu.

2.    Fill fields in the Create menu dialog, press OK.

CAD software Main Menu 1

Add menu item

Menu item is a command in the menu list.


1.    Select Add menu item.

2.    Fill fields in a Create menu item dialog.

CAD drawing Main Menu 2

3.    Click the CAD drafting Main Menu 3 button to add the command.

4.    Select the desired command in a Select command dialog box. Press OK

CAD software Main Menu 4

CAD drawing Main Menu 5

CAD drafting Main Menu 6 button clears the field.

Add separator

Separator looks like a line in menu, submenu, toolbar, statusbar. Used to split commands by groups.

CAD software Main Menu 7



1.    Select the menu bar to insert separator above.

2.    Select Add separator in the context menu

Add commands into menu and submenu


1.    Select the command from the right list.

2.    Drag it and drop to menu at the left part of dialog.

Remove elements and menus


1.    Select the desired element or menu.

2.    Use Delete command in the context menu.


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