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Create Virtual Command

Virtual command is real command with selected values and keywords. Used to create similar objects.

A virtual team is created based on an existing one. It is designed to call a regular command and pass it values stored as a virtual command parameter.

See an example: how to create circle with specified insertion point and diameter.


1.    Select Create virtual command in the context menu on the command list. CAD drafting Create Virtual Command 0

2.    Set parameters of new command in Create virtual command dialog box.

CAD software Create Virtual Command 1

Command parameters


nanoCAD configuration file in which this command is written (registered).


The name of loaded command.

It can contain the following symbols: A-Z, 0-9, ), (, _, #, $. No spaces.

For example: circle300

Localized name

Localized name of command.

It can contain national characters and the following symbols: A-Z, 0-9, ), (, _, #, $. No spaces.

For example: circle300

Display name

The name of command, displayed in menu.

For example: circle300

Real command

Base command for virtual command.

There are two types of command call:

·         Command parameters. Specify the command in Real command name field and then type its keywords in Keyword field

·         Command line parameters. Inserts all the text from Keyword field to the command line.

CAD drawing Create Virtual Command 2


For example, select Command parameters and then find Circle command in the list.


Value of command parameters. Type values in order of command line request through the space.

For example, type the following parameters: insertion point space radius.

10,10 300


 CAD drafting Create Virtual Command 3

When you call circle300 command, new circle will be created in specified point with specified diameter.

 CAD software Create Virtual Command 4

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