Block Attributes

Block Attributes

Block Attributes

A block attribute is used to associate text information or any other data called attribute value with a block.

When inserting a block with variable attributes, it is supposed to enter the attribute value, which is then saved together with the block. Different values can be assigned to the attribute when inserting one and the same block.

Constant attributes, the values of which do not change at blocks insertion, can also be used in blocks.

Attributes can be invisible, they are not displayed on the screen and are not printed out.

Attributes can be single-line and multiple-line. Single-line attributes have a limitation – 255 characters. Different editors are used to edit single-line and multiple-line attributes.

Information stored in attributes can be exported to electronic tables or databases for further processing and generating a variety of documents, for example, schedules or bills of materials. It is acceptable to associate several attributes having different names with one block.

Attributes for inclusion in a block should be created before the block definition.

Type of Text formatting toolbar when creating and editing multiple-line attributes depends on ATTIPE system variable.

ATTIPE = 0 - Displays the abbreviated Text Formatting toolbar:

ATTIPE = 1 – Displays the full Text Formatting toolbar:

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