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CAD drafting Mirror 0    Ribbon: Home, Draw - Modify > CAD software Mirror 1 Mirror Objects

CAD drawing Mirror 2   Menu: Modify – CAD drafting Mirror 3Mirror

CAD software Mirror 4   Toolbar: Modify – CAD drawing Mirror 5 

CAD drafting Mirror 6 Command line: MI, MIRROR

This command creates mirror copies of objects along the specified axis.

Using this command, you can quickly create symmetrical objects, you just create one part of the object and the other part of the object is drawn by the command.

Mirrored texts, attributes and their definitions have a mirror view. For a normal view of text, set 0 value (default value) for the MIRRTEXT system variable.

Command options:


Opens the additional options to select objects.


Deletes source objects.


Source objects are not deleted.


Selection of objects by frame

Specifying the first point

Specifying the second point


CAD software Mirror 7

CAD drawing Mirror 8

CAD drafting Mirror 9

CAD software Mirror 10

Command prompts:

Select objects or [?]:

Select objects. Press ENTER when the selection is finished.

Specify first point of mirror line:

Specify the first point.

Specify second point of mirror line:

Specify the second point.

Erase source objects? [Yes/No] <N>:

Select the No option.

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