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Objects Isolation

Control the Objects Visibility

Objects Isolation

The isolation commands control the visibility of objects by isolating or hiding a selection set. Use ISOLATEOBJECTS and HIDEOBJECTS to create a temporary drawing view with selected objects isolated or hidden.

The commands are used to create a temporary view of the document when you need to hide the selected objects, or isolate - leave visible only the selected objects, hiding all others.

CAD drafting Objects Isolation 0


The commands for controlling the display of objects are located in context menu and Tools – Isolate Objects menu:

·         CAD software Objects Isolation 1Isolate Objects

·         CAD drawing Objects Isolation 2Hide Objects

·         CAD drafting Objects Isolation 3 Undo isolation step

·         CAD software Objects Isolation 4 Redo isolation step

·         CAD drawing Objects Isolation 5Unisolate objects


note: Isolation and its undo is independent of the general undo-redo mechanism (UNDO/REDO). For example, you can isolate a set of objects, edit them, and then roll the isolation back to a previous visibility state. In this case, all changes for the edited objects will remain.

Control the display of objects placed in the menu of CAD drafting Objects Isolation 6 Toggle Isolate button in status bar.

Isolate objects mode:

Persistent isolation

Selected objects stay hidden or isolated after save, close and reopen of drawing.

Temporary isolation

Selected objects are isolated or hidden in the current program session.

Button form and menu composition depends on the presence of hidden and isolated objects:

CAD software Objects Isolation 7 - there are no hidden and isolated objects in the drawing.

Available functions:

Isolate objects

Hide objects

CAD drawing Objects Isolation 8

CAD drafting Objects Isolation 9 - there are hidden and isolated objects in the drawing.

Available functions:

Isolate more objects

Hide more objects

Unisolate objects in current layout

Unisolate objects in all layouts

Undo isolation step

Redo isolation step


CAD software Objects Isolation 10


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