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Editing Text

Text objects can be edited like other nanoCAD objects: rotated, removed, copied etc.

When selecting a text object, the text area is highlighted with grips:

single line text

multiline text

CAD drafting Editing Text 0

CAD software Editing Text 1

The rectangular grip is basic and is used to change the text object location.

Multiline text corner grips change the size of the text area.

Triangular grips on the faces of a text object allow you to symmetrically change the width or height of the area:

CAD drawing Editing Text 2

The location of grips depends on the preset text alignment type.


If you are editing rotated texts – you can specify should be all drawing rotated or only edited text in OptionsText settings - Rotate text in edit mode.

CAD drafting Editing Text 3

If this option is tuned on – only text object will be rotated, otherwise all drawing will be rotated.

The properties of text objects can be changed in the Properties panel.

note: It is only possible to change single-line text properties in the Properties panel.

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