Justify Text

Justify Text

Justify Text

MouseOK    Ribbon: Annotate – Text >  Justify Text

MouseOK    Menu: Modify – Advanced tools >  Justify text

KeyboardOK Command line: TJUST

Changes the justification point of a text object without moving the text.

note: Changing the type of alignment without changing the position of the text or the text area in the drawing is performed by the  Justify Text (JUSTIFYTEXT) command.

The command is useful when you want to alter the position of the Insert object snap (INSertion) for text objects without moving the text.


1.    Select text object.

2.    Start the Justify Text (TJUST) command.

3.    Select the desired type of justifying in the command line or context menu.

Command options:


Justify text by the left margin.


Justify text by the horizontal center.


Justify text by the horizontal and vertical center.


Justify text by the right margin.


Justify text by the top and left margins.


Justify text by the top margin and horizontal center.


Justify text by the top and right margins.


Justify text by the left margin and vertical center.


Justify text by the vertical center and middle of horizontal.


Justify text by the right margin and vertical center.


Justify text by the bottom and left margins.


Justify text by the bottom margin and horizontal center.


Justify text by the bottom and right margins.

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