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CAD drafting Revision Cloud 6 Command line: REVCLOUD

Revision clouds are polylines that consist of sequential arcs. The maximum arc length cannot be set to more than three times the minimum arc length.

Revision Clouds are used to drawing explanatory labels and markings on the drawings.

When you start the command, the current parameters of the revision cloud are displayed in the command line:

Minimum arc length: 15000.000000 Maximum arc length: 15000.000000 Style: Normal

note! The last specified arc length value is stored into the registry. To ensure consistency when you use different scale factors, this value is multiplied by the current value of the DIMSCALE system variable, which corresponds to the current value of the Dimension Scale or Symbol Scale.



Calls additional options to select the objects.

Arc length

Specifies the minimum and maximum length of the arcs in a revision cloud.



Specifies a closed object to be converted to a revision cloud or to reverse the direction of the arcs in the revision cloud.



Specifies the style of the revision cloud.

The following prompt is displayed:

Select arc style or [Normal/Calligraphy]:


Normal                 - Normal style.

Calligraphy        - Calligraphy style.



Normal Style

Calligraphy Style

Revision Cloud

CAD software Revision Cloud 7

CAD drawing Revision Cloud 8

CAD drafting Revision Cloud 9


Specify first point [Arc length /Object/Style]<Object>:

Specify the first point.

Guide crosshairs along cloud path...:

Move the cursor to the start point of required contour. When the cursor draws near to the start point, automatic closing of the cloud contour will happen and the command will be finished.

When you convert a closed object to a revision cloud and change the direction of the arcs in the revision cloud to the opposite, the following prompts are displayed:

Specify first point [Arc length /Object/Style]<Object>:

Select the Object option.

Select object or [?]:

Select object.

Reverse direction [Yes/No]<NO>:

Select the required option.

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