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CAD software Helix 4 Command line: HELIX

Command creates 2D spiral or 3D spring. Helix is used to create springs, carvings, rounded stairs.


Base radius

Radius of helix base.

Top radius

Radius of helix top.

Axis endpoint

Endpoint location of the helix axis. The axis endpoint can be located anywhere in 3D space. The axis endpoint defines helix length and orientation.


Number of turns for helix.

Turn height

Height of one complete turn within the helix.

The number of turns will automatically update accordingly when a turn height value is specified. If the number of turns for the helix has been specified, you cannot enter a value for the turn height.


Direction of helix twist: clockwise (CW) or counterclockwise (CCW). CCW is default twist.

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Command prompts:

Specify center point of base:

Specify center (1) point.

Specify base radius or [Diameter]:

Specify base radius (2). Click Diameter to specify base diameter.

Specify top radius or [Diameter]:

Specify top radius. Click Diameter to specify top diameter.

Specify helix height or [Axis_endpoint/Turns/turn_Height/tWist]

Specify the height of helix (4).

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