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Reset Block

CAD drafting Reset Block 0    Block insert context menu: CAD software Reset Block 1 Reset block

CAD drawing Reset Block 2 Command line: RESETBLOCK

Returns the parameters of the selected dynamic block inserts to their original state, resetting the entire history of their modifications.

The command is designed to restore dynamic block inserts to their original state in order to eliminate distortions that appeared during the block modification.

After inserting a dynamic block definition, any user intervention “detaches” it from the parent block, and generates a temporary block with the changed geometry, to which the definition is attached. At the same time, all interventions are written into the history, which is stored in the block definition.

When working in the Block Editor, it changes the parent block, after which the following actions are performed for each insert: a temporary block is deleted, a copy of the new parent block is generated, to which the entire change history of this particular insert is applied, step by step. The main problems can occur just at the last stage, since there are many types of intervantions on the block insert available to the user - from changing properties to setting values through dynamic input. The Reset Block command resets everything and returns the selected dynamic blocks to their original state of the initial insert.


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