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Display of Snap Elements

CAD drafting Display of Snap Elements 0   Menu: Tools –CAD software Display of Snap Elements 1 Options…

The cursor’s pick box is enlarged automatically in nanoCAD snap modes, when you need to snap to characteristic points of objects (creation and editing of primitives, dimensioning etc):

Common cursor’s pickbox size

Enlarged cursor’s pickbox size

CAD drawing Display of Snap Elements 2

CAD drafting Display of Snap Elements 3

The common cursor’s pick box size is specified in the Cursor – PickBox – PickBox size section of the Options dialog box (Tools menu – Options):

CAD software Display of Snap Elements 4


Crosshair size

Sets the size of the crosshair as a percentage of the display size.

PickBox size

Pick box size in pixels.

The enlarged cursor’s pick box is specified in the Options dialog in the Snap settings – Hold Aperture Size:

CAD drawing Display of Snap Elements 5


Hold Aperture Size <10>

The size of the cursor frame in snap mode.

Show Aperture Box

Switches the aperture box on/off in the snap mode.

Snap Marker size <5>

Snap marker size.

Show Tooltips

Turns on the display of the snap name.

Vector Marker Color

The color of the snap marker when snapping to a vector object.

Otrack Marker Color

Sets the color of the object tracking marker when snapping to a vector object.

Rays Color

Specifies the color of rays when snapping to a vector object.

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