Object Snap tracking mode

Object Snap tracking mode

Object Snap tracking mode

MouseOK   Menu: Tools – Drafting settings… Object snap tab

MouseOK   Status bar: the  button

KeyboardOK Hotkeys: F11

KeyboardOK Command line: DDRMODES, DSETTINGS, SE


The object snap tracking mode allows the placing of created objects in specific relation to other created objects. When object snap tracking mode is switched on, nanoCAD temporarily displays dotted trajectories of different types (tracking lines) for accurate positioning of objects.

Object tracking modes are used together with object snap and works when the cursor’s pickbox is near a probable point of object snap (the pickbox size determines the zone of tracking lines  activation). Object tracking expands and adds to the capabilities of object snap.

The parameters of object tracking are specified in the Object Snap tab in the Drafting Setting dialog box (Tools menu – Drafting Settings) or in the context menu of the OTRACK button.


Object Snap Tracking On (F11)

Switches object snap tracking mode on/off.

Object Snap Tracking modes

Track to alignment point

Switches on/off the display of tracking lines to an object’s characteristic points.

Clear track points on “shift + mouse wheel”

Switches on/off the erasing mode of the snap point marker on a tracking line using SHIFT and the mouse wheel.

The context menu of the OTRACK button:


Track using polar angles

Switches using object tracking together with polar tracking mode on/off. In this case, the tracking lines for all angles specified in the Polar Tracking tab in the Drafting Settings dialog box are displayed. 

Track ortho only

Switches the display of tracking lines only in ortho directions on/off.

Don’t track polar

Switches off polar tracking mode.

Track to any alignment point

Switches on/off the display of tracking lines to specific points.

Clear track points on         SHIFT + mouse wheel

Switches on/off the erasing mode for the snap point marker on a tracking line.


Switches object tracking mode on/off.

To use object tracking mode:


1.    Switch on the OTRACK and OSNAP modes in the status bar.

2.     Use the cursor to capture the required characteristic objects’ points to set tracking lines. Place the cursor near a point to capture it. A captured point is marked with + symbol. To deactivate a point already captured, move the cursor over it again.

3.    Dotted tracking lines, going through one or several captured points and the cursor’s pick box, will appear when you move the cursor within the drawing. You can snap to points on those lines or to the intersection points. The more types of object snap that are switched on, the more points will be available for capture.

To zoom and pan, the + marker is removed from captured points.

Example: Circle in the center of a rectangle.


1.    Defining the center of rectangle:

2.    Specifying the circle center:

3.    Specifying the circle radius:

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