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Attach GeoUnderlay

CAD drafting Attach GeoUnderlay 0   Ribbon: TopoplanMeasurements Archive > CAD software Attach GeoUnderlay 1 Insert a Geounderlay

CAD drawing Attach GeoUnderlay 2   Menu: TopoplanMeasurements Archive > CAD drafting Attach GeoUnderlay 3 Insert a Geounderlay

CAD software Attach GeoUnderlay 4 Command line: GEOUNDERLAY_ATTACH

Inserting a geounderlay (as an external reference) from the archive into the current drawing.

If the command was launched from the context menu of a file selected in the Geounderlays folder in the File Explorer bar, then the specified geounderlay is immediately inserted into the current drawing. You can insert a geounderlay into the current document as an external reference or insert its content.


If the command was launched from the ribbon, menu, or command line, then a file open dialog appears with the Geounderlays folder open, where you should specify the geounderlay file to insert.


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