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Construction and Reference Geometry

CAD drafting Point 0    Ribbon: Home, Draw – Draw > CAD software Point 1 Point

CAD drawing Point 2   Menu: Draw – Point > CAD drafting Point 3 Single Point

CAD software Point 4   Toolbar: Draw – CAD drawing Point 5

CAD drafting Point 6 Hotkeys: CTRL+ALT+N

CAD software Point 7 Command line: PO, POINT

The command allows the creation of point objects which can be shown as a common point or a special symbol. Points are used, for example, for measure (the Divide and Measure commands) and as reference points for object snap. A point is shown as a special symbol because a point object of the default style is hard to see on the screen. A size of Point objects can be specified according to the screen or in absolute units.

The Point Styles dialog box (Format menu) allows changing of the size of a point object and its style.

note: Changing the size and/or style of point objects affect not only new objects, but also created objects.

The system variable - PDMODE controls shape and display of Point object on the screen. Special symbols and their values to display point in the screen:

CAD drawing Point 8

When a value of PDMODE=1 point is invisible on the screen.

System variable PDSIZE controls a size of special symbols (for values of PDMODE, different from 0 and 1).

Default value of PDSIZE=0 specifies the size of symbols, which equals 5% of graphic area height.

The values of PDSIZE>0 specify absolute value of point display.

The values of PDSIZE<0 specify point size in percentage of graphic area height.

Command prompts:

Specify point:

Specify the point coordinates or click on the drawing.

Specify point:

Specify the next point or press ESC to finish the command.

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