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CAD drafting Spellchecker 0    Ribbon: Annotate – Text > CAD software Spellchecker 1 Spell Check

CAD drawing Spellchecker 2    Menu: Tools – CAD drafting Spellchecker 3 Spell check

CAD software Spellchecker 4    Toolbar: Text – CAD drawing Spellchecker 5

CAD drafting Spellchecker 6    Menu: View – Toolbars > Functional > CAD software Spellchecker 7 Spell check

CAD drawing Spellchecker 8 Command line: SPELL, SP

Check the spelling of all text objects in the drawing on request and realtime.

It is possible to work simultaneously with several documents. Spellcheck results in a previous document are not lost when switching to the next document.

The command opens Spell Check dialog box.

To start checking document objects for spelling errors and start tracking errors in real time, click the button Spell Check. To start checking document objects for spelling errorsand start tracking errors in real time, click the Check button. To check only particular objects, first select them in the drawing field.

CAD drafting Spellchecker 9


Misspelled texts will be underlined with a wavy line in drawing space and will also appear in the list of found errors in the bar.


CAD software Spellchecker 10


Parameters of sinchronyzation and visualization of texts with the mistakes found:

CAD drawing Spellchecker 11 Watch for new objects

Tracks spelling mistakes in real time. All new and changed objects will be checked for spelling. If mistakes are found, the words will be underlined in the drawing field and added to the list of found mistakes on the panel.

Clicking the Complete button also disables spell tracking on new objects.

CAD drafting Spellchecker 12 Check entire document

Checking the text in the model space and on all layouts of the document (not just in the current space)

CAD software Spellchecker 13 Auto-pan

Enables/disables automatic navigation in the graphics area of the drawing.

When the auto-pan mode is enabled, the word selected in the list of found mistakes is automatically synchronized with the corresponding text object in the drawing. The text object is positioned in the center of the graphic area for more comfortable viewing and is marked with a frame.

CAD drawing Spellchecker 14 Underline

Enables/disables the mode of selecting a text with a mistake. The text selected in the dialog is marked with a dotted frame in the drawing. Other texts with mistakes are underlined with a wavy line.

CAD drafting Spellchecker 15 Settings

Opens the spell check settings dialog where you can:

·         Add or exclude specific types of objects from the check.

·         Exclude certain types of text from validation.

CAD software Spellchecker 16

You can also configure the spelling command to run on a separate thread to process information independently of the platform thread.

Add to dictionary

Adds the word selected from the list of found mistakes to the exclusion dictionary. After that, such a word will not be considered a mistake.

Replace identical

Replace all found texts with this mistake with the selected option after pressing the Apply button.

CAD drawing Spellchecker 17

Replace the error with the selected option.

CAD drafting Spellchecker 18

Completes a spell check session in the current document. The button changes to Check.


Correct mistakes:


1.    In the bar in the list of errors, select the text with the error.

2.    In the Variants list of variants for replacement, select the line with the correct variant.

3.    If you need to leave the word unchanged and add it to user dictionary, click Add to dictionary.

4.    Check the Replace identical box, if you need to replace all found texts with this mistake to the selected variant

5.    Click Apply to apply changes.

You can use the context menu of selected variants for mistakes or replacement. It duplicates actions available for performing with the selected element.

CAD software Spellchecker 19   CAD drawing Spellchecker 20


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