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Chain Note

CAD drafting Chain Note 0    Ribbon: Home, Annotate – Leaders > CAD software Chain Note 1 Chain note

CAD drawing Chain Note 2    Menu: Draw – Notes > CAD drafting Chain Note 3 Chain notes…

CAD software Chain Note 4    Toolbar: Utilities – CAD drawing Chain Note 5

CAD drafting Chain Note 6 Command line: NOTEH

The command opens the Chain note dialog box to set the note options:

CAD software Chain Note 7


CAD drawing Chain Note 8

Managing multiline text output above the leader.

CAD drafting Chain Note 9

Framing the text under the leader.

Use the icons to select the style of the extension line:

CAD software Chain Note 10


CAD drawing Chain Note 11


CAD drafting Chain Note 12


CAD software Chain Note 13

Open arrow.

CAD drawing Chain Note 14


CAD drafting Chain Note 15


Use the icons to select the text alignment method:

CAD software Chain Note 16

By left edge.

CAD drawing Chain Note 17

By center.

CAD drafting Chain Note 18

By right edge.

Other icons:

CAD software Chain Note 19

The Insert special symbol icon opens the panel with the table of special symbols, to select and insert them at the current cursor position in the text input field.

CAD drawing Chain Note 20

The Notepad icon opens the Notepad dialog box.

CAD drafting Chain Note 21

The Match properties icon temporarily closes the dialog box to specify the inserted leader whose properties should be copied and applied to the newly-created leader.

CAD software Chain Note 22

The Add extension line icon is used to insert additional extension lines. The icon is available when you edit a chain note inserted into the drawing.

Right-click in the text field and choose the required menu item:

CAD drawing Chain Note 23

For more information about additional commands, see the Mechanical Note section.

To create a chain note:


1.    Type the required text into the text fields.

2.    Select the required note options.

3.    Click OK.

4.    Specify the first leader node.

5.    Specify the next leader nodes.

6.    Specify the last node and press ENTER.

7.    Specify the shelf position.

If the first leader node is placed on the line, the extension line will be perpendicular to this line.

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