nanoCAD for Education

Free nanoCAD 24 licenses for teachers and students

Nanosoft supports students learning and teachers teaching design techniques in the classroom. We contribute to the career development of future professionals by providing teachers and students with free licenses to the latest version of the nanoCAD platform, with all add-on modules.
We offer written and video materials as well as tutorials for students and teachers to make learning easier.

About education licenses

Teachers and students in colleges and universities are eligible to receive free, one-year education licenses to the complete nanoCAD platform. This includes all add-on modules for disciplines like construction and mechanical design.

Add-on modules included with education licenses

The education license of the nanoCAD 24 platform includes the following add-on modules:
  • 3D – for advanced 3D modeling
  • Construction – for architecture and construction
  • Mechanica - for 2D and 3D mechanical design
  • Raster – for advanced editing scanned images
  • Topoplan – for topographical reliefs and mapping

Education license duration

The education license for nanoCAD Platform with the full set of add-on modules runs for one year. Teachers and students can renew the package annually, for as long they remain teachers or students.

Five steps to getting the education license

Step 1.
Create an account on

Step 2.
Register as a teacher or student by filling out our form, and then uploading your employee or student ID, or by submitting an official letter from your educational institution.

Step 3.
The process of confirming eligibility for education licenses can take up to three weeks. Until confirmation is received, teachers and students can download, install, and use the free 30-day trial version of the nanoCAD platform, which includes the full set of add-on modules.

Step 4.
After successfully confirming eligibility for education licenses, we email students or teachers the one-year education license key.

Step 5.
Activate your education license, and then start learning about how to create great designs with nanoCAD!
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