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Calculating an object’s area

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The Area command allows you to calculate area and perimeter by specifying points in the field or selecting an object.

If the field whose area needs to be calculated is not closed, the area value is calculated as if the last and first point were connected by a straight line. When calculating the perimeter, the length of this segment is taken into account in the area definition mode and is not taken into account in the object selection mode.

Command options:


Specifying the segment length, the construction angle is indicated on the screen.


Cancels the specified points one by one.


Terminates the command and displays information in the command line.


Enables object selection mode. The command line will display the Selecr objects prompt:


Enables adding mode (when calculating the total area of several areas or objects).


Enables subtraction mode (when calculating the total area of several areas or objects)

Command prompts:

Specify first corner point or [Object/Add area/Subtract area] <Object>:

Specify the first point of the calculated area.

Specify next point or [Length/Undo]:

Specify the following points. The calculated area is highlighted in green. Press ENTER  to complete the command.

The command line displays area and perimeter in the current unit format:

Area = 600, Perimeter = 100


To calculate the total area of several fields or objects:


1.    Run the AREA command.

2.    Select the Add area/Subtract area mode.

3.    Sequentially indicate the points of the field whose area needs to be calculated. Press  ENTER . Repeat for the next field. Or select the Object mode and specify the object whose area you want to add/subtract. The command line displays the area and perimeter of the last area or object and the total area:
Area = 150, Perimeter = 50

3.Total area = 225

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