Block Editor

Block Editor

Block Editor

MouseOK    Ribbon: Home – Block >  Block Editor

MouseOK    Ribbon: Insert – Block Definition >  Block Editor

MouseOK    Menu: Tools –  Edit block definition…

MouseOK    Panel: Main –  Edit block definition…

MouseOK    Double-click on the block reference

KeyboardOK Command line: BEDIT

This command allows you to edit block definitions of a drawing – to redefine blocks.

The command opens the Edit block definition dialog box.

Select in the list the block definition to be edited. If the Zoom to block box is checked, the selected block’s insertion will be displayed on the screen.


Zoom to block

Turns on/off the mode for full screen display of the selected reference.

Click OK to move to the block editor.

The block editor is a separate mode intended for editing a block definition.

Objects included in the selected block definition are displayed on the screen and become available for editing.

NOTe: If objects are not visible, double-click the mouse wheel to perform the Show all command.

To indicate the mode of editing block definition, a word combination Edit block is added with a colon in the tab to the document name, and in the left upper corner of the workspace the phrase Block definition edit mode is displayed.



Background color changes to the color set in the Tools dialog, section Color > Block editor background.

When editing, the Block editor panel is automatically displayed on the screen

note: A number of program commands is unavailable in the block definition edit mode.


note: In the block definition edit mode, the point of block insertion coincides with the original point of UCS icon. To change the block insertion point, it is required to move the geometry relative to the origin of the UCS icon.

Upon the completion of editing the block, it is necessary to leave the edit mode by clicking  Close block editor dialog (BCLOSE command) on the toolbar.

When closing the block editor, a prompt whether to save changes will appear.

After the changes made are saved or cancelled, the Block editor toolbar is closed, and the document tab acquires a normal view.

Functional of the Block editor toolbar:

In the edit mode the toolbar field displays the name of the block being edited.

Opens the Edit block definition dialog

Opens the Define attributes dialog to create a block attribute.

Saves the block attribute.

Saves copies of the block attribute being edited under a new name.

Exits the Block definition edit mode.

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