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3D Tab

The tab is designed to configure the construction and display of 3D objects (solids).

CAD drafting 3D Tab 0

Common settings

CAD software 3D Tab 1

Automatically project edges on sketch

If the option is enabled, then when you switch to sketch mode on a flat face of a solid, the edges of the face are automatically projected onto the flat sketch.

Automatically project the origin point on new sketch

Controls the creation of the origin point projection when creating a new sketch.

Automatically correct UCS while editing block reference with 2D constraints

Automatic correction of UCS while editing a block reference with 2D constraints.

Restore viewport’s camera while exiting 2D sketch editing mode

If enabled, the viewport camera will be in position before the sketch is edited.

Edit parametric constraint value upon creation

Controls the opening of the constraint editing dialog immediately after installation.

Associativity for new bodies

The enabled parameter allows you to build fixed bodies without the possibility of defixation. At that, the sketch should be attached to some plane.

Layer for sketches

Name of layer for locating sketches.

Layer for working objects

Name of layer for working objects.

Layer for sections

Name of layer for sections.

Layer for parametric 3D solids

Allows you to customize the name of the layer on which parametric 3D bodies will be located.

Show thread helix

Controls the display of the thread helix.

Thread helix color

Thread helix color.

Thread face color

Thread face color.

Mass display precision

Mass display precision for inspector properties and part and assembly properties.

2D Views

CAD drawing 3D Tab 2

Automatic update

Controls the automatic update of views from a model after a solid is changed.

Show thread

Controls the thread display.


Name of layer for 2D views.

Visible lines

Show on sections - controls the display of visible lines in sections.

Line color – determines the color of visible lines.

Linetype - determines the type of visible lines.

Lineweight - determines the weight (thickness) of visible lines.

Hidden lines

Show in views – controls the display of hidden lines in views

Line color – determines the color of hidden lines.

Linetype – determines the type of hidden lines.

Lineweight – determines the weight of hidden lines.

Section border

Settings differ from visible lines –controls the settings of the lines of section borders, which (settings) can be the same or different from the settings of visible lines. If No, then the next three parameters are not used.

Line color - determines the color of section border.

Linetype - determines the type of section border.

Lineweight - determines the weight of section border.


Show – controls the display of hatch.

Face hatch – assigns the type of face hatch.

Pseudo section properties

CAD drafting 3D Tab 3


Show – controls the display of hatch on pseudo section.

Face hatch – assigns the types of face hatch.

Surface transparency - sets the transparency factor for the surface (0 - full transparency).

Quick Options

Hot keys for opening the quick options window are set on the Main options tab:

CAD software 3D Tab 4

Quick options dialog box contains the most common options for design elements:

CAD drawing 3D Tab 5

Current profile - allows you to select a settings profile;

Automatically turn on snaps - controls the automatic activation of snaps Nearest, Endpoint, Quadrant, Center, Intersection when inserting objects from the database;

Show invisible lines – controls the display of invisible lines.


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