Add structure line

Add structure line

Adding structure line

MouseOK   Ribbon: TopoplanModify TIN >  Add Structure Line

MouseOK   Menu: GroundEditing TIN >  Add Structure Line

MouseOK   Toolbar: Editing TIN >  Add Structure Line


The command adds a new structure line to the existing surface.

Structure lines are used to detail relief forms. Such lines can describe lines of curbs, pavement boundaries, gulleys, watersheds, etc. When there are structure lines present, the surface triangulation is forced along the structure line; triangulation edges cannot intersect a structure line. Types of objects that can be added as structure lines: lines, polylines, 3D polylines.


To add a structure line:


1.    Run the command.

2.    In response to the prompt in the command line:

Project profile on or [WCS/UCS/Viewport]:

WCS – a polyline will be projected on the XY plane of the world CS;

UCS – a polyline will be projected on the XY plane of the user CS;

Viewport – a polyline will be projected on the viewport plane.

3.    In response to the prompt

Select polyline or line to be added as structural line or [?]:

specify a line, polyline or 3d polyline. After selecting an object by the cursor, triangulation will be rebuilt.

Surface before adding a structure line

Surface after adding a structure line


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