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Working with Raster Images

nanoCAD contains tools for creating and editing of raster images.

According to used tool you can edit monochrome, color and/or grayscale images saved in internal or external format (TIFF, BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG, PCX, GIF).

Most of the functionality of professional raster image processing (elimination of geometric distortions, alignment, calibration, automatic and semi-automatic vectorization, text recognition, color correction and color raster filters) is available in the Raster module. Description of the module commands is marked with the phrase:

CAD drafting Working with Raster Images 0   This functional is available only in the Raster module.


The Raster module provides an extended set of raster image editing functions:

·         Calibration of raster images to eliminate complex distortions in geometry;

·         An extended set of raster selection methods with support for intelligent geometry recognition;

·         Changing the size and resolution of an image;

·         Filtering monochrome and color images using various algorithms to eliminate noise and improve the raster quality;

·         Binarization and adaptive binarization for layer-by-layer separation depending on the established criteria;

·         Automatic search and selection of text areas and linear objects on a raster.

It also contains a powerful functionality for converting a raster to a vector representation and vice versa:

·         Automatic vectorization with text recognition;

·         Semi-automatic vectorization (tracing) of polylines, contours, hatches and basic geometric entities;

·         Various tracing modes, including intelligent deletion from the raster;

·         Rasterization of vector objects.

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