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Adding Edge

Adding an Edge

CAD drafting Adding Edge 0   Ribbon: TopoplanModify TIN > CAD software Adding Edge 1 Add Mesh Edge

CAD drawing Adding Edge 2   Menu: TopoplanModify TIN > CAD drafting Adding Edge 3 Add Mesh Edge

CAD software Adding Edge 4   Toolbar: Modify TIN > CAD drawing Adding Edge 5 Add Mesh Edge

CAD drafting Adding Edge 6 Comamnf line: NG_MESH_EDGE_ADD

The command adds a new edge to an existing surface (SubMesh or Polyface Mesh) at its boundary. An edge can only be added on a non-convex boundary (inner or outer) so that a new triangular face can be created without disturbing the 2.5D mesh.

CAD software Adding Edge 7

The position of several faces can be successively changed. Pressing the ESC button closes the command.


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