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Group Dimensioning

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CAD software Group Dimensioning 1    Menu: DimensionsCAD drawing Group Dimensioning 2 Group dimension

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CAD drawing Group Dimensioning 5 Command line: QDIM, DIMGROUP

The Group dimension command is particularly useful for creating a series of vertical or horizontal dimensions.

To specify the group dimensions:


1.    Start the Auto command.

2.    Select the Grouped option in the command line or context menu.

3.    Select the objects you want to dimension:

CAD drafting Group Dimensioning 6

4.    Press ENTER to end the selection of objects:

CAD software Group Dimensioning 7

Depending on the direction of the cursor movement (vertical or horizontal), the chain of vertical or horizontal dimensions will be dynamically displayed.

5.    Move the cursor to change the character from red to blue CAD drawing Group Dimensioning 8:

CAD drafting Group Dimensioning 9

6.    Left click to specify the location of the dimension lines:

CAD software Group Dimensioning 10

When dimensioning the objects that have a small length

CAD drawing Group Dimensioning 11

The crossed arrows are automatically replaced by notches or points:

CAD drafting Group Dimensioning 12

CAD software Group Dimensioning 13

The setting for replacement of intersecting arrows is performed in the nanoCAD – Options dialog box (The Tools menu - Settings Parameters):

 CAD drawing Group Dimensioning 14

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